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Quick Updos – 12 Ways To Style Your Hair Fast And Pretty


Ever been in a time crunch but you still want to look fabulous? We all have those moments! One way to make the most out of those five minutes for grooming is by utilizing quick updos. They’re spiffy, speedy and spectacular. They are a salvation when you’re in a rush. This article is going to show you 12 easy updos that can be done in 5 minutes or less!

#1: Low Twisted Pin Up

The low twisted pin up is amazing, and it works as a classy look. It’s very natural yet elegant. Start with day old curls. This style needs texture to fall nicely. Section off the side strands from the ears to the nape. Create a loose ponytail, then wrap it around into a bun and pin it. Using the side strands, twist them around the knot and pin them back so that they appear to intertwine with your bun.


#2: Quick Updo With Braided Knots At The Nape

Braided knots have been around since the Victorian ages. Something about them gives off such a cool royal vibe! For this look, divide your hair into three sections. Do not part the sections with a comb. Braid one section. Twirl the braid around itself and pin it to the head. Take the next section and do the same. Repeat the same pattern with the third section until you are done!


#3: Concealed Braided Halo

The concealed braided halo is a great twist on the typical braided hairstyle. It adds design and sophistication! Start with straight or wavy hair. This style looks best with a loose hair texture. Section off the nape area. Using the rest of your hair, create a braided halo by french braiding from one side to the other. Once the braid is complete, take the nape section and roll it on top of the braid so that this portion of the braid is not visible. Bobby pin it into place.


#4: Quick Messy Updo With Bun And Braids

The low bun with braids is something straight out from a fairytale. To create this look, start with day old waves. Part the hair down the middle until you reach the crown. Section off two small square sections near the part and braid them down to the tips. From here, create a low messy bun and be sure to include the two braids. Style your bangs as desired.


#5: Twisted Military Bun

The twisted military bun is a great rendition of Plain Jane hairdo. Start by parting the hair either to the side or down the middle. Take two chunks of hair from the front and create neat, uniform twists. Then, pin them out of the way. In the back, create a tight, sleek bun. Before securing it with a scrunchy, incorporate the two twists from the front so that everything is tied together. Now, you are done!


#6: Quick Updo With An Intricate Low Knot

The low hair knot is very trendy and unique. Start with straight hair. Separate the hair into two sections of equal thickness. Create a loose knot using these sections. Then, using the loose strands, create a second knot. Bobby pin the sections for stability. You may lightly pull at certain pieces to make your knot even showier!


#7: Modern Curly French Roll

This hairdo is a modernized French Roll. To get this look, start off with wavy hair. Section the hair into 3 horizontal chunks. Separate each section into two pieces and twist them loosely around each other until you reach the ends. Afterward, tuck the twist underneath one time and bobby pin it. Do this with each section. You may pull gently at certain pieces to add more messiness.


#8: Quick Updo With A Fancy Side Ponytail

The knotted side ponytail is a youthful twist on a typical side ponytail! Make a loose side pony. Divide the hair into two parts above the elastic. Take the pony and pass it through the opening above the elastic you’ve just made. Adorn with a hair flower!


#9: Heidi Braid Halo

The Heidi braid halo is a renovated form of the braided halo. To do this, start at the front of the head and begin creating a loose french braid going around. Every few folds, drop a chunk of hair and incorporate a new one into the braids. Then, after a few more folds, pick up the dropped strand and add it back into your braid. Continue doing this until you reach the other end of the head.


#10: Quick Updo With A French Roll Ponytail

The French roll ponytail is a fresh way to style a classic look. Start with straight hair. Brush your hair towards the middle so that it is all going to the center of the head. Start at the crown area and begin twisting the hair in an inward motion so that it forms a french roll. Bobby pin as necessary. Do not hide the ends inside as you do with a classic French roll. Stop the roll right below the ear line and let the rest of the hair hang loose. This should mimic a ponytail. Tease the hair for the desired volume.


#11: Quick Updo With A Fishtailed Balerina Bun

The fishtailed ballerina bun adds a new spin to the classic dancer updo. To get this look, gather the hair into a high ponytail. Taking the length of the ponytail, create a fishtail braid all the way to the ends. A fishtail braid uses the same concept as a normal braid, only there are 4 strands as opposed to 3. Once finished, wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail until you have created a bun. Bobby pin for security.


#12: The Headscarf Roll

The headscarf roll is a creative way to style an old bandana. Tie your headscarf from nape to forehead. Knot it at the forehead, leaving the bangs under the scarf. Taking the loose hair, twist it loosely around the headscarf, so that only the front portion by your forehead is visible. Bobby pin as you go to secure the twist. Once you have done this, make sure there are some cute flyaways around.



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