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20 Updos for Short Hair – Your Creative Short Hair Inspiration


Have you ever struggled to learn some updos for short hair? With so many gorgeous updo ideas available online, the strong majority are for long hair. This can be maddening for short-haired beauties, who deserve to have some hairstyle versatility just as much! Fortunately, there are plenty updos for short hair – they just take a bit more effort and, in some cases, a lot more hair pins.

#1: Easy Bridal Updo

For this style, all you need to do is to section off the top layer of hair above the ears and secure it with a clear hair elastic. Gather the rest of the hair into a low ponytail, and then pass the end of the lower pony through the centre of the top section above the elastic. Pin it in place and you’re done!


#2: Romantic Updo for Bob Length

This beautiful, elegant ‘do can be achieved on short, straight hair. Of course, it can look lovely on curly hair, too. If your hair is straight, style it into springy curls, using a curling iron. Slightly backcomb on the crown. Sweep hair into a deep side part and then grab random sections and pin into place at the nape of the neck and above. Curl any wisps or strands that do not make it into the gathered pin.


#3: Top Knot Sock Bun

Sock buns are incredibly popular, but can be tricky for short hair. The best method is not to stress about perfectly sleek, held-together locks. Instead, embrace the “messy” method, as it adds both modern style and needed volume to short, straight hair.


#4: Pineapple Updo for Short Hair

Creating an intricate-looking updo hairstyle is a great way to add dimension and style to short hair. This cute sassy updo is a combination of twists and loops with ends sticking out playfully, like pineapple leaves.


#5: Three Twisted Buns

This hairstyle is often found in tutorials for long locks, but actually it looks and works better on shoulder-length hair! Simply pull the hair into three low ponytails and then twist into buns. Secure with pins and “push up” on the buns to get some back volume. Don’t worry about any tousled strands – this hairstyle can’t really be screwed up.


#6: Dutch Braid Updo for Short Hair

Braid a dutch braid – which is just an inside out French braid. When you reach the ends of your locks, you’ll need to hide the tail. Tuck it under the braid and pin with a few bobby pins. Add some pretty side bangs or loosely curled hair strands to soften up the look.


#7: Hair Knot French Braid Hawk

This is one of the easiest hairstyles for short hair, although it comes out as one of the most intricate-looking. To achieve this look, just tie knots in your hair! Work your way as far down as you can go and then tuck the ends in with bobby pins.


#8: Knot Tie Updo for Short Hair

Pretty and reminiscent of Heidi hair, this style is all grown up and ready for any occasion. It consists of a knot tie side braid and a twist at the back. Wonder how it’s put together? Check the step-by-step tutorial!


#9: Volume-Boost Ponytail

Short locks always need that extra boost of volume, even if your hair is thick. Divide your hair into three sections, creating a low ponytail with the center one. Pull it tight, pin and layer the side sections on top, securing with bobby pins.


#10: Ponytail Poof Updo for Short Hair

Teasing the roots of your hair, you can add volume and style to otherwise flat and too-short strands. Don’t forget to add in a pretty hair embellishment like a blinged-out clip or a sweet satin ribbon. This look is vintage and lovely.


#11: Top Knot for Short or Thin Hair

Teasing the hair at the top of your head can add volume, too. This messy look is actually quite glamorous, while still casual enough for a day on the beach. The trick is not to worry about perfection – let hair lay where it likes, spraying and pinning into the natural curves and swoops of your locks.


#12: Braided Ponytail Updo for Shorter Hair

Again taking a cue from the modern messy hair style department, French braid either one or both sides of your hair and pull everything into a low ponytail. Your hair will look even more gorgeous if you have highlights or other multi-faceted hair color accents – the braids will really show them off.


#13: Volumized Ponytail

When you’re looking for a quick and simple updo, grab the hairspray. Utilize some light backcombing, spraying and pinning down in strategic spots. Hair that is shorter than shoulder length can still look creatively gorgeous!


#14: Faux Updo for Short Hair

Hair accessories can seriously add so much fun to short hair. In this instance, a satin scarf is the focal point. Pinning your hair up and wrapping it with a scarf, top knotting and spraying with setting spray is a great way to get a quick, glamorous look that is perfect for both a night out and a day catching up on chores at home.


#15: Twist and Pin Messy Updo

How’s this for simple? Twist and pin – that’s it! There’s no rhyme or reason to this hairstyle, just make it your own and get on with your day.


#16: Easy Holiday Updo for Short Hair

Easy and extremely pretty on short hair, this sweet holiday look will work best on thin straight hair. Twist a center section, spray and secure. Repeat and tuck to finish off this style.


#17: Sweet Knotted Updo

Like the three-bun twist, this hairstyle has the same idea, but takes things a bit more casual. Divide the hair into three low ponytails and then twist each section until the hair is twisted tightly enough to collapse upon itself. Pin in place and spray with setting spray.


#18: 60s-Inspired Pony Updo for Shorter Hair

Backcomb the top underneath portion of the hair and then pull all of it into a low ponytail. Grab a small under section of the ponytail and twist around the hair elastic, pinning in place. This hides the elastic from sight while giving your hair the signature voluminous look of the 1960s.


#19: Summertime Updo

Here’s another hairstyle for women that throws us back to decades gone by. It takes your hair completely up and off the neck, making it ideal for hot summer weather. Roll some vintage curls with your fingers and pin in place to add some femininity, reminiscent of the 1930s era.


#20: Twists in Updo for Short Natural Hair

Natural ethnic hair can be a bit unruly, which means putting it up is much easier than working it down. For this style, twist sections all over the head, and then pin in place. Wrap the hair with a colorful scarf and secure in a top knot.



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