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20 Stylish French Twist Updos


Everyone loves a French twist updo, especially when it’s paired with formal or office wear. Few hairstyles look so picture perfect with a sheath dress and heels. For your next little black dress occasion, try out one of these forty hairstyles for yourself.

Everyone knows how to make a twist, but how to make it interesting and unhackneyed? Messy texture, braided elements, buns, bouffants, etc. will help you to diversify your casual twist updo.

#1: Messy Mohawk Updo

This modern French twist updo not only features a classy look perfect for any elegant event, but it also has a messy, big haired touch, inherent for a standout style. The updo suggests tousling and twisting your hair and then pinning it into the chic final product.


#2: Unique Woven Twist

If you’re looking for an absolute showstopper, you’ve found it. Featuring a gorgeous back bun with single strands seemingly woven through each other, this look is a fantastic and completely unique take on the more traditional twist.


#3: Messy Ombre Twist

For those of you with two-toned or ombre hair, this messy updo is a must. The look features curls pulled back into a messy bun that shows off your hair color with style. Leaving room for stray hairs to frame the face, the look is messy, but still fancy enough for your next big event.


#4: Low Twisted Ponytail

If you want a much more relaxed long-haired look that still maintains a classic feel perfect for any special occasion, this French twist updo will work just fine. The hair is pulled tight in a twist at the back of the head, with the ends not being hidden inside as in the classic twist updo, but let out into a loosely waved ponytail for a more relaxed look.


#5: Messy Short-Haired Twist

It’s wispy, messy and perfect for short hair, so you’re going to love it. The updo is quick and easy, featuring hair twisted low at the back of the head with a few loose strands framing the face. It’s an easy, no-hassle style.


#6: Three-Layered Twist

Tripling the traditional twist updo, the next look features three layered twists at the back of the head, one on top of the other. It‘s a perfect style for long hair with good thickness.


#7: Braided Twist Updo

Braids are just universal, and this braided French twist updo is a brilliant idea to update your favorite classic twist style. Simply pre-braid a side section of hair and feed the braid into your twist.


#8: Sleek Updo with Curls

Here is a polished updo style for fans of refined, hair-to-hair hairstyles. The curls on one side will give you a beautiful profile; plus your hair is going to look flawless and really show off that lovely coloring.


#9: Short-Haired Twist

This low hanging twist is easy and can be pulled off even with the shortest hair. The look exudes ease and effortlessness, as it tucks away even the most stubborn locks, no problem.


#10: Elegant Twist with a Bouffant

Here’s a French twist updo with the perfect balance of messy and formal. The look twists tightly in the back, leaving that small amount of freedom up top for the messy look that’s become a modern go-to.


#11: Low-Hanging Twist

With loose strands framing the face, an effortlessly poofed bouffant and a tight, twisted bun hanging low in the back, this look has many layers to play with, and you’re going to love the outcome.


#12: Chunky Twist with Bangs

This updo is special, as it has a few different dimensions. Boasting a messy look both in the loose strands framing the face and in the back twist, everything is brought together with a clean, pulled together middle poof. The result is a classy, beautiful hairdo.


#13: Asymmetrical Twist

The asymmetrical twist shows off those highlights as well as puts a unique spin on the classic twist updo. Everything is pulled together in back, giving the wearer a fantastic profile and gaining the look a standout style descriptor.


#14: All-Around Twist

One of the more unique looks in this list, this twist completely encompasses the wearer’s head, providing an all-around flawless look that is beautiful at any angle. The look is great for long hair, and all the pieces are pulled tight, leaving no room for fly-aways.


#15: Easy Twist for Shorter Wavy Hair

Another look for those with short hair, this twist looks casually effortless. There’s a relaxed feel to the updo, as all hair is pulled to the back of the head into a small twisted bun, perfect for shorter strands.


#16: Classic Twist with an Accent

It doesn’t get much more traditional than this. Another unique French twist updo features a messy, twisted bun in the back and enough room for your personal touch. Stick a flower or sprigs into the twist on one side, and you’ve got an elegant look that’ll leave them speechless.


#17: Polished Peek-a-Boo Twist

The peek-a-boo twist is an easy take on the twist updo. It leaves out a piece that’s commonly hidden inside the twist. With a slight bump on top and a sleek, glossy finish, this look is the epitome of formal hairstyles.


#18: Relaxed Twist with Curls

Many women want a busier look, something to add pizzazz to their style. And for women with a monochromatic hair color, there isn’t a better look out there to gain that extra depth. The updo is messily pulled back into a twist in the back, with bangs and a few loose strands curled around the face.


#19: Classic Twist for Short Hair

If you have shorter hair, twist updos become a bit harder to pull off. The key is a twist that falls low in the nape of your head. Even the shorter hairs in the back fittingly blend into the style, so baby hairs don’t become problematic, but rather add to the look.


#20: Low-Hanging Swirl Twist

Finally, much like in the last updo, here the twist sits much lower and leaves out a few wisps of hair for a messier finish. The updo also features a swirled look that falls directly into the low twist, adding a unique touch to the overall appearance.



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