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18 Pretty Ideas for Casual and Formal Bun Hairstyles


There are certain hairstyles that are simply timeless, universally-flattering and suitable for a variety of hair types. Bun hairstyles got into this category thanks to their flexibility in styling and invariably gorgeous feminine look. We have prepared a gallery of very different buns for any occasion and style of the look.

Whether you opt for a loose bun for wavy hair, a curly bun or something in between, your styling possibilities are endless. Buns can be edgy, conservative, modern, classic, or vintage-inspired – it’s all about the style of your outfit and personal preference. If you love to rock your hair in a bun and are looking for some style inspiration, check out the photos below for some stunning ideas.

#1: Wavy Floral Updo

This formal hairstyle for long hair features a blend of a curly bun and a loose curly updo. One of the most tried and true methods to personalize any hairstyle is to add hair accessories or fresh flowers rhyming with your lip color, for instance. The flowers in this case are small enough in size not to overpower the hair – they are gracefully resting on the cushion of luscious curls.


#2: Back Braid and Bun

Many bun hairstyles incorporate braids, making it somewhat difficult to choose a braided idea that stands out. This one however, is definitely more modern. A braid around the bun is an option, but if you choose to keep it, make sure it’s as wide as the vertically running braid (or you can make it even lacier for a beautiful and eye-catching rim.)


#3: Curly Loose Bun

Subtle highlights for black hair is a wonderful way to make your locks dimensional which looks particularly beautiful in curly updos like this one. It would be ideal for a formal occasion such as a wedding or an outdoor party. Flowers in hair often turn out to be most beautiful hair accessory.


#4: Multi-Braided Bun

Sure you can add a few braids to your bun for some added pizzazz, but nothing compares to a black braided bun that features a head full of multiple braids coming together to form a thick and tall knot. A cornrow bun is never out of style.


#5: Side Bun with Fishtail and Dutch Braid

One of the characteristics of bun hairstyles that make them so versatile is that you can position your bun in a variety of ways. Worn slightly off to one side, this bun is formed loosely from two crisscrossing plaits – a Dutch braid and fishtail. The final result is a voluminous, intricate-looking bun that is sure to turn heads.


#6: Low Braided Bun

This updo is also made from two different types of braids – a vertical French braid for the upper section of hair and a fishtail, wrapped in a bun, for the lower section. The way this messy bun rests softly at the nape of the neck pulls the whole look together.


#7: Front-Braided Messy Bun

Having fun with braids is a part of the experimental process when trying out different updos. Try a waterfall twist as a headband braid and lift the rest of the hair into a messy bun. With a small bouffant this updo is going to look even prettier.


#8: Pinned Mini Buns

The only thing better than a single bun is a row of buns that gives a Mohawk look to your updo. Bun hairstyles rarely get any cuter than this, thanks to the idea to collect mini buns in one hairstyle. Great for shorter hair or medium length locks, these tiny knots are fun and modern with just a hint of edge.


#9: Highlighted Twisted Bun

The highlights may be the first thing that catches your eye, but the interesting technique of the twist bun is what will have you doing a double take. What makes this updo unique is that it appears to be effortlessly pulled together, however, upon closer inspection you will see that the twisting, tucking and pinning of the hair into a bun is actually quite strategic.


#10: Polished Chocolate Brown Bun

Sometimes the most beautiful bun styles are those that are the simplest. From the rich chocolate brown hair color to the sleek, twist over the base, this is a lovely formal bun, but also appropriate for the office.


#11: Black Bun with Twisted Base

Sleek bun hairstyles succeed when the bun is bulky and sitting high on the top of your head. This beautiful black braided bun looks like a crown. It includes twists of varied thickness and perfectly smoothed edges.


#12: Messy Side Bun with a Braid

Balayage coloring and a large, loose braid prove they can go the distance and add some spice to a banal low side bun. With a bun carefully placed off to one side, the updo itself is actually pretty simple, effortless-looking and messy, even though there are no flyaways.


#13: Half Up Half Down Seashell Bun

If you are blessed with naturally thick or curly hair, here is a way to wear a bun and show off your natural texture at the same time. The half up, half down is the best of both worlds and this pretty style proves it. The half bun is wrapped into a seashell shape, and the rest of the hair is curled into perfect ringlets. The hair looks fluffy and very special.


#14: Braided Bulky Bun

Braids have become good companions of bun hairstyles but nobody has ever blended a fishtail so flawlessly into a bun. The braid doesn’t wrap around the bun, but it’s a part of it! Really amazing!


#15: Twisted Low Blonde Bun

A chic way to spice up a low ponytail is to turn it into a chignon. Positioned right at the nape of the neck, the blonde twist bun features simple details that manage to create a unique updo. There is twisting around the base of the bun, as well as along the sides. Slightly loosen the hair that covers the crown before gathering it at the nape of the neck.


#16: Two Buns in One

Two buns instead of one is a fresh take on the classic hairstyle that may be sometimes referred to as “boring” because you see it on so many girls. A double bun also appears more voluminous, especially when you include a wrap around its base.


#17: Intricate Braid and Looped Pony

This is not just a cute bun hairstyle, it’s an intricate updo with elaborate details and a messy touch to the overall look. However, if you’d like to recreate it, you only need to reduce the styling process to the elements you will cope with even if you are a beginner. These include a jumbo dutch braid topped with a fishtail and a looped ponytail.


#18: Twisted Side Bun

A donut bun usually sits high on the crown or closer to the nape. If you want to experiment with an asymmetrical (side) bun, it’s better to opt for a twist that can be sleek and polished like on the photo or messy and maximally imperfect. Anyway, the side position is very deliberate and adds to the drama of your look.



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