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15 Updos For Thin Hair That Score Maximum Style Point


Can you style some nice updos if your hair is fine? Why not. The following super sharp looks do not require exceptional hair thickness or extraordinary density. Adding some volume at the roots and practicing a little, you will be able to recreate some of them effortlessly, while others may require more advanced skills. Anyway, preparing for a special occasion, you can always show a picture of your dream updo to a good stylist. Hope you’ll find it here.

One problem with thin hair of medium length is that it may look limp in downdos. You need to invent some voluminous waves or backcomb your locks to solve this issue. As for updos, thin hair usually looks more appealing when it’s lifted up, especially if you opt to experiment with a variety of popular these days curly and messy updos. You won’t really tell if your hair is thin or not if it’s styled skillfully. A cute bun or an inventive knot updo, for instance, is a stylish hairstyle that is a good for every day or a special occasion, and it’s an ideal option for fine hair of medium-to-long length.

#1: Sock Bun with Fancy Braid

A low sock bun with a bouffant is a simple way for women with thinner hair to achieve the illusion of thickness. Create a perfectly round bun with a sock or bun maker. A small braid with curls around it takes the style from casual to formal.


#2: Updo for Thin Hair with Bouffant and Braid

When you want your style to look rather edgy than sweet, add a couple of braids and a bouffant for a boost of volume. Messy tendrils in the front and back create a more casual vibe making this the perfect daytime updo.


#3: Looped Updo With Waterfall Braid

Many girls use a waterfall braid as a crown for a loose style, but this look takes a different approach for a truly unique pinned-up creation. This reverse waterfall braid works as a cute headband that separates the bouffant from the loopy section.


#4: Voluminous Messy Low Bun

When pulling thin hair into a low style, it is important to inject the top with volume so that it does not look too slick and flat. This hairstyle is a good idea of short hair updo. The curls pinned strategically in the nape give the illusion of a bun – you don’t actually need long hair to achieve one.


#5: Simple Knotted Bun

Here is an easy look to try when you are short on time. This charming style seems intricate yet delicate at the same time. It’s the perfect option to carry you from work to an event after – no need to style your hair again.


#6: Jeweled Bridal Hairdo for Thin Hair

You can’t go wrong with this classic bridal look to help you look your best on your big day. Luscious curls and a jeweled accessory make a stunning, uncomplicated style for you to shine through your special moment.


#7: Quick Bun with Jazzy Headband

Dress up your standard “throw and go” bun with a jeweled headband. When you are really down to the wire, or you overslept and have to get ready in a flash, a headband is a no-brainer and the easiest way to look pulled together in a matter of minutes.


#8: Voluminous Updo with Side Bangs

Small braids are a go-to for ladies with thin hair because they won’t overwhelm or look unnatural. This easy formal updo looks more elegant with the addition of two sweet braids on either side of the head.


#9: Two-Tone Rolled Bun

Use an elegant rolled style to showcase a nice mix of blonde and brown hair colors. The rolled bun is also a good option for thin hair because it creates a thicker style than the standard twisted option.


#10: Pin-curled Low Bun Updo for Fine Hair

Here is another wonderful example of using curls in place of a regular bun or ponytail. The loops create fullness, not to mention a truly enticing design, to help you to achieve a memorable look for your next big event.


#11: Slick Looped Bun with Side Bang

Messy styles are not for everyone, as some people crave a more polished look. Instead of the usual wrapped bun that can appear measly with thin hair, separate your ponytail into curled pieces and pin them into place for a bun that kind of resembles a blooming flower!


#12: Casual Updo with Braids

Sometimes the last thing you want to do during the weekends is worry about your hair. Many women have to run from workout classes through some errands to meeting up with friends for dinner. This triple braided short hair updo in this photo is just the style to help you get the maximum fun out of your weekend activities.


#13: Asymmetrical Curly Updo with A Flower

A great way to glam up a less formal style in an instant is to add a flower. With fine hair you do not want to overpower the look with a large blossom, so opt for a color that is similar to the hue of your hair. In this instance, the pastel pink flower blends perfectly with blonde hair.


#14: Side Ponytail Updo with Braid for Thin Hair

A side ponytail with bouncy curls helps to achieve fullness of this updo style. Adding a braid on the opposite side balances the look out and prevents it from appearing too flat. Nice volume throughout the crown is very flattering for medium length thin hair.


#15: Braided Bouffant with Curled Bun

A sweet updo for prom or any formal dance, this look is age-appropriate for young ladies. The mix of braids and messy curls strikes the perfect balance for a cool style that is not too overdone.



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