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15 Fabulous Half Updos – New Styling Ideas


Half up dos are a great way to keep hair fancy without being formal. Ideal for either everyday wear or more posh occasions, half up half down hairstyles are great for all hair types and lengths, making them a popular spring time style choice.
The Most Beautiful Half Updos Across the Web

#1: Anti-Basic Half Down

If you tend to prefer a more traditional half down style, but want to crank up the drama just a smidge, give this alternative a whirl. From the front, this style is just your average, polished coif. But from the back? The textured bun packs a slight punch. To copy this look, create a small ponytail with the top layer of your hair, twist the end, wrap loosely and secure the twisted tail in place.


#2: Half Up with Loose Lace Braid

Forget French and boxer braids: a loose lace braid can be the highlight of your half up half down hairstyle. Not only is this choice totally ladylike, but your locks will inherit a soft wave once you’ve undone that pretty plait. While this option is great with all hair colors, it’s especially striking when enhanced with some highlights.


#3: Twisted Half Up

Ever since the Beatles’ 1963 hit song “Twist and Shout,” we’ve all been obsessed with all things coiled. This half up half down style is no exception. If you’re no plait professional, consider this choice a great (read: easy) way to add some pizzazz to an otherwise basic silhouette.


#4: Half Down with Crown Braid

Simple vertical braids are so yesterday. For a style that is complicated, girly and polished at the same time, try wrapping a flat lacy braid around your head. It’s a creative way to keep those stray strands far away from your face, plus it’s appropriate for both casual and formal occasions.


#5: Spiraled Updo

As great as the half updo is for everyday wear, it’s not always the most appropriate for formal events. But, as a mix of a spiral twist and a French braid along the top, this one could look smashing when paired with a luxe evening gown. And if some of your roots are starting to show more, this style makes your hair’s different tones look totally hypnotic instead of harsh.


#6: (Not-So) Lazy Half Up

Sometimes, your best style moments happen when you look like you put in minimal effort. But in reality? You care. A lot. Consider this do a mix between a half up style and a messy bun. Sure, both options can potentially read lazy on their own, but together? They create a look that’s equally suitable for lounging around the house or grabbing drinks with your girlfriends. For a finishing touch, adding some texturizing spray will offer a chic case of bed head.


#7: Knotty Half Updo for Long Hair

In most beauty spheres, knotty hair is a total faux pas. But here, the exaggerated kinks are more sophisticated than sloppy. This option comprises a lazy ponytail with loose knots along the ends. The idea is suitable for a wide range of lengths; however, it’s particularly edgy on longer locks.


#8: Street Style-Approved Half Updo

As any hair guru knows, a top knot is one of the edgiest, low maintenance hairstyles at the moment. Combine this favorite with your silky half up half down hair, and you’ll get a mane that has “cool girl” written all over it. This one also boasts a quick inside-out braid, so it will look awesome with a simple T-shirt and jeans.


#9: Plait Perfect Half Up

Have a penchant for braids? This option is perfect for you. Unless you’re a total master at all weaves and plaits, the transition from the twist to the tightly woven fishtail may not be easy, but we can bet that it’ll merit loads of Instagram likes. If you’re looking to copy this look, straighten your hair first to keep this busy ‘do polished.


#10: Sleek and Sophisticated Updo

Big hair can be great; however, sometimes you end up looking more Dolly Parton and less a cool, fashion-forward girl. Fortunately, embracing curls and a slimmer silhouette is not always mutually exclusive. This do is half modern, half girly, but 100 percent wearable.


#11: Half Up for Curly Girls

Sporting a head full of bouncy curls takes a lot of guts. If you don’t want an extremely voluminous style, do not tousle your curled locks, but leave them in spirals, flowing down your back. Balance the volume down with a bouffant. If you are blessed with naturally curly hair, simply add some hairspray and tie your hair half up half down.


#12: Royal-Approved Half Up

Didn’t you always wish for princess-worthy hair as a little girl? Luckily, here’s your opportunity. The ladylike silhouette is perfect for those with long locks, not to mention that smooth curls can bring out the natural highlights in your hair.


#13: Medium Hair in Half Updo

Brace yourself, curly cues: this springy style gives Shirley Temple’s ringlets some stiff competition. While such playful coils may veer too youthful for some, a set of tight curls can add a cute touch to a blouse and flirty skirt combination. As an added bonus, this style is great for ladies with shoulder-length hair.


#14: Braided Half Updo for Straight Hair

Cursed with pin-straight hair that never seems to hold a curl? Fear not, there are still zesty, half up half down hairstyles to test out. This one, for example, offers a cute and thoughtful twist to your favorite fuss-free style. Simply create a half hair crown by weaving two French braids on each side of your head and bring them together with a neutral elastic.


#15: Half Down for Long Thick Hair

Looking to make a splash at a high-profiled event like a wedding or black-tie gala? This evening-ready option is 100 percent formal and will definitely receive attention. In addition to the glitzy headband, the bounty of loose curls will add more pizazz to your fancy ensemble. But beware, dear reader: this option is strictly event-specific and will not fly at a relaxed barbeque or trip to the super market.



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