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15 Easy and Stylish Casual Updos for Long Hair


Casual updos for long hair are a must-learn skill. Summertime can be brutal for long hair, with sun and water damage paired with the overall discomfort of lugging around a full head of hair. Fortunately, there are plenty of casual updos that are fun to experiment with and are sure to look good on the beach, at a summer concert or even at the office.

Long hair is most beautiful in curly downdos and all kinds of updos. Present-day casual updos embrace a few different elements in one hairstyle – braids and buns, twists and braids, messy texture and cool accents… Well, today’s casual hairstyle is never boring!

#1: Messy French Roll Hairstyle

Many people assume an updo is designed to be prim and proper, with an overall dressy look. However, your style can have the classic look of an updo without giving off the feel that you’re heading to your school’s semi-formal dance. This `do manages to be both classy and casual with a hint of simplicity.


#2: Casual Braided Bun

Of course, when you think of casual updos, you picture a simple bun or ponytail. Unless you’re a hair guru, it is completely understandable that you aren’t versed in the different variations of the more classic styles. Adding a braid to your bun can dress it down, creating a cute everyday look for you. Letting a few wisps of hair fly free gives this style a carefree feel.


#3: Classic Ponytail Updo with a Twist

Sick of the average ponytail? We don’t blame you. First, adding some color to your hair is a fun way to put a unique spin on an everyday hairstyle. For long hair that just seems drab every time you pull it up, putting a single braid down the side adds so much to your entire look. It turns a banal style into a trendy look.


#4: Bun with Two Headband Braids

For dressier occasions, many women opt for some variation of an updo. For some reason, it easily provides the wearer with a regal appearance. This simple pulled-back updo is upgraded with a double braid that sets it aside from your everyday messy bun.


#5: Updo with a Bow

Like anything in life, presentation is everything. Most don’t spend much time analyzing appearance of other people, they take in what they can at first glance and assess accordingly. Dress your casual updos up the simplest way you can – with a bow. It’s both easy and cute – a bow adds a bit of “wow” flair in the same way it does atop a present.


#6: The Business Casual

Heading to an interview or work event, and crunched on time? This look is ideal for the business setting and an after-work date. Its perfection stems from its simplicity in both creation and appearance. For a versatile look that can work with your 9-5 and after, this is perfect.


#7: Braided Beauty Hairstyle

Clearly, a braid can change everything. The messier, the better with this look. A cute bun that works perfectly for medium hair isn’t the easiest thing to come across, so we understand the need for something different. Putting a giant braid through your average low bun switches things up with little to no effort.


#8: Casual Purple Pony

If you want to stand out in a crowd, go for pastel-colored hair. Depending on the style, you can display a variety of personas. This particular braided style is great for long hair, because who doesn’t love long locks willowing from a ponytail? Hide that dreaded scrunchie by wrapping your hair around the base of your ponytail, creating one of the easiest casual hairstyles you can think of.


#9: Cute Casual Mohawk Bun Updo

Possibly the most adorable updo on our list, this collection of buns is surprisingly easy to put together. However, its simplicity isn’t evident at first glance making this the perfect style for a day out on the town, or an evening of unexpected adventures. The subtly sexy style is playful, making it great for any event or look.


#10: Braided Up Casual Hairstyle

Growing tired of your high bun? Add some pizzazz by braiding your hair up the back of your head and feeding the end of your braid into the bun. This style is great because it maintains the classic look set in place by the original bun, but the braid adds the necessary zest.


#11: Intricate Updo

What makes an updo casual is its apparent lack of effort. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean all casual hairstyles have to be done in minutes. This style in particular takes a certain amount of time and patience to create. The braid ends up looking very relaxed and the bun is messy, hence why this look is stylish and casual.


#12: Puffed Updo

Add some texture to your hair life with this tousled high ponytail. Incorporate different types of braids to the top and sides. If you’re aiming to straddle the line between edge and class, this look is ideal.


#13: Cute Crocheted Hairstyle

Perfect for long hair, this look combines the effortless wave with the complexity of a fishtail braid. As a complicated variation of your everyday braid, this style may take a bit of skill to achieve. However, once you master this special braid, the possibilities are endless. The chic pony updo is just one of your many options.


#14: Big Bun Hairstyle

The bigger the bun, the better. Whether you like yours to be high atop of your head or low, grazing the nape of your neck is completely a matter of preference. Of the many casual hairstyles listed here, this one is definitely on the more polished end of the spectrum.


#15: Updos on the Wild Side

Itching for some excitement in your life? Add it to your hair! Spice up your hairstyle menu with a giant braid running into an even bigger ponytail. Dramatic, runway-ready styles like this are so much fun and convenience. Wear it in windy weather, in the sun or under the rain and look invariably gorgeous!



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