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The 14 Most Beautiful Updos for Medium Length Hair


Think you have to be Rapunzel rock a beautiful updo? Think again! Mid-length hair can reach new heights with these sassy, elegant, and just plain fabulous updos.

Whether you need some inspiration for a prom, wedding, anniversary, or just want to do something different, this is the article for you. Grab some bobby pins and enjoy these stunning updos for medium length hair!

1. Gatsby Girl

Medium lengths are brought to new levels with this awesomely chic formal style. The hair has volume, texture, and a touch of bling! This vintage wavy hairstyle is not only super hot, but very easy to recreate.


2. Twisted Edge

This medium length updo is super sweet and super edgy. Hair is twisted back and away from the face, then pulled back into a messy low ponytail. Adding a sophisticated hair accessory in the back elevates the style from everyday to more formal.


3. Curls to Remember

These soft, natural curls are swirled up effortlessly into a beautiful and unique updo. A few tendrils are left out in front to provide nice movement and texture around the face.


4. Messy French Twist

This retro hairstyle is made modern in the soft, messy details. The slightly unkempt look makes it totally sexy instead of uptight. Soft short layers frame the face to complete this gorgeous hairstyle.


5. Tousled and Teased

Soft ringlets lay down and flirty around the face while the rest of the textured hair is swept up into a beautiful twist. The bangs are kept up and off the face for an elegant touch. Playful pieces poke out here and there making this a fun and sassy style for multiple occasions.


6. A Bump and a Twist

This elegant updo would look great with any hair color, but we absolutely love this glowing copper hue! A side part, a teased crown, and a sleek twist all come together beautifully into a low messy bun. This updo is super cute without looking too stuffy.
medium updo twist


7. Sweet Innocence

This sweet and girly style makes Charlize sparkle as much as her glittery headband. Soft finger wave-like curls frame the face as they cascade back into a cotton candy feeling bun. Topped with a bit of glitz, this style is perfect for brides or proms.


8. Sweet Updo

This pretty style would be great for a wedding or prom hairstyle. Sweet curls are pinned up and off the shoulders and onto the top of the head. The thick fringe area helps add softness and frames the face.


9. Rockabilly Roll

Take your ponytail to a whole new level by adding a dramatic hair roll to the front. A slicked back ponytail is elevated with thick curls and a retro style-coiled bang. We especially love this deep copper color that really shines!


10. Retro Twist

Thick side bangs and a teased twist create this gorgeous retro hairstyle. Create this classy look anytime you want to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn. It’s timeless and beautiful in any decade.


11. Faux Bob

This cute curly style is a true illusion. Shoulder length hair is curled and pinned just right so it looks like a short, sassy bob. Make this look extra glamorous by boosting your color to rich red, chocolate brown, or multi-dimensional blonde. Healthy, shiny hair will dazzle with this adorable hairstyle.


12. Quick and Cute

I love this idea for an updo! It can be done quickly and can even be achieved with day two hair. The spicy ginger colors help add fun dimension and shine. Soft layers add texture and a bit of flirty fun to this cute side pony.


13. Romantic Waves

Here is another classic twist with lots of girly softness and accents. This stunning hairstyle boasts beautiful highlights, curls, and whimsical texture. Try this sweet style out for high end occasions or even casual summer parties and barbeques.


14. Starburst Style

This spiky stunner is super fun due its contrasting smooth and edgy textures. The sprayed out ponytail makes this hairstyle more youthful and better suited for proms or formal dances.



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