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12 Side Bun Hairstyles for Every Day and Special Occasions


Sleek buns are classics. They will always be in demand for formal events, but today the hairstyling dress codes are less strict, and you can wear messy styles even to the biggest galas, because lightness and spontaneity is in fashion. Here’s a gallery of buns where you can find an updo to suit your taste, outfit and occasion.

#1: Blonde Wavy Side Bun

Blonde hair color and wavy texture coming together will definitely give your chic side updo a style boost. Once the bun is in place, pull out a few strands with your fingers or the end of a rat tail comb for a messy look.


#2: Side Bun with Floral Hair Accessory

Simplistic and sleek in its design, but still beautiful from every angle, this side bun is ideal for formal occasions such as a wedding, prom or a black-tie gala. The blonde locks are formed into a sleek bun with not a hair out of place. The finishing touch is the large floral hair accessory that instantly brings elegance to the look.


#3: Loose Side Bun

The low bun with not a hair to escape at the sides or the nape creates a streamlined silhouette based on soft and sluggish lines. A single visible bobby pin seems to hold the updo from falling apart. It gives you a very supple and, therefore, feminine feel.


#4: Light Brown Messy Side Bun

Loose side buns are arguably among the most popular updo hairstyles for women these days. Maybe it’s because of the easy styling or the relaxed, undone look they provide. These tousled light brown locks look weightless and spontaneous thanks to the messy texture and several stray pieces escaping the bun. A lovely, embellished hair piece is placed right at the base of the bun for a touch of sparkle.


#5: Loose Twisted Side Bun

A twisted side bun is a way to incorporate a bit of intricate yet unforced design into an otherwise understated look. The hair is formed into twists that begin at the sides and feed into the bun. Several large pieces of hair are pulled out to linger at the nape of the neck.


#6: Black Formal Side Bun

A classy updo like this can last through a hectic day at the office and also a hot night out on the town. Jet black hair is fashioned into a sleek, polished bun shifted to one side. There is also a side part and a twisted section that works like bangs and flows into the bun.


#7: Twisted Up Side Bun

You can twist side buns under, but you can twist them up as well. A cute, single braid accentuates the bun that is brought to the side and then twisted up towards the ear. The crown has a bit of height which makes the front view of this updo even more attractive.


#8: Black Side Bun with Flower

Sheer elegance is what’s presented with this side bun that proves less is more when it comes to an updo. Jet black hair is parted in the middle, combed to the sides for a sleek appearance, gathered into a compact bun and finished with a beautiful light pink flower placed right at the base of the bun.


#9: Chunky Braid and Side Bun

Styles with braids are very versatile, you can wear them as a half up or a full updo. This messy Dutch braid across the nape of the neck is finished with a bun, but you could also leave a freely hanging pony along the side of your neck.


#10: Multi-Twist Side Bun

If your locks are fine, you need to find creative ways to make your hair look thicker and more voluminous. It’s not as easy to achieve with a bun, but it’s possible. A pompadour will offer a nice lift at the front. Tease the roots and make loose twists all over the head. Bring the ends of your locks to the side, backcomb and shape a messy bun with air inside.


#11: Braid and Twisted Loose Bun

Side bun hairstyles for long hair offer you a lot of intricate and creative styles. In this example the locks are loosely braided and draped to be gathered into a relaxed twisted side bun. The height at the crown provides a welcomed balance to the overall look.


#12: Side Bun with Side Bang

There aren’t many things that you can do to make side buns look bad. This cute creation features a teased crown, a side bang with a deep side part and a bun that is swirled and pinned aptly into a lovely roll. This could be both a wedding hairstyle and your casual classy updo.



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