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10 Gorgeous And Easy Updos For Long Hair


Long locks can get redundant quickly, but with these stylish easy updos for long hair you can enjoy plenty of creative ways to rock your long tresses both on ordinary days and special occasions.

#1: Rolled Chignon

Gather your hair into a low ponytail and then pull the elastic down towards the shoulderblades. Flip the end of the hair up and roll them up to the nape of the neck. Pin in place, and secure the sides as well if necessary.


#2: Infinity Bun Updo For Long Hair

For this glamorous yet simple style, pull your hair tightly into a low ponytail, and then twist it. Begin wrapping it clockwise around the elastic, pinning halfway through. Switch directions and pin half of what’s left. Repeat so returning to the clockwise direction for the remaining hair. Smooth the twists out with a comb if necessary and use some light setting spray to complete the look.


#3: Messy Bun with a Crown Braid

Up dos don’t have to look sleek and perfect. In fact, today’s trendy hair is all about lazy strands and wispy styles. Exemplify this with a messy bun and a crown braid. This works great on very long hair, and if your hair is highlighted, it really brings out the different shades of color.


#4: Easy Top Knot Updo For Long Hair

As for this edgy bun, try to style it on two day hair – freshly washed hair may be too soft and stubborn. Mist your hair with some setting spray and then brush it into a high ponytail. Back brush the underneath hair and then wrap your pony around the top of the head, securing with U-shaped hairpins instead of typical bobby pins.


#5: Triple Stacked Bun

This up do looks complex, but it’s actually very quick and simple. Start by brushing all hair straight back. Then pull the hair into three ponys – first a standard halfway pulled-back pony, then another one beneath that, and then a third one. So, all hair is pulled into one of the three ponytails. Then twist each pony around your finger and secure with hairpins. Spray with hairspray and you’re done!


#6: Easy Pretzel Chignon Updo For Long Hair

If you have fine hair, this is an exceptionally great one to try. Just part your hair to one side, tease your locks, going back at the crown and then smooth the top layers. Twist to the side and pin. Loop the rest of the hair into a pretzel shape and pin again. The best part of this updo is it will come out looking a bit different each and every time you do it.


#7: Bow Updo

Bow hairstyles are so much fun, and they are great for both festive affairs and everyday activities. There are a ton of tutorials online for this hairstyle, so play around to decide which suits you best. We like to pull the hair into a mid-height ponytail, and then instead of looping the final loop all the way through, separate it into one section on each side of the hair. Pin the ends around the two loops, and you’ll get a very pretty bow!


#8: Easy Headband Tuck Updo

Sometimes hair embellishments go a long way – like in this hairstyle that includes a chunk hairband. This is a perfect ‘do for warm summer days, music festivals, or just because.


#9: Double Knot Ponytail

Pretty enough for a wedding day and simple enough for a day at the office, the double knot ponytail is much easier than it looks. Simply divide your locks into two different sections, twist them and literally tie a knot twice. That’s it – you’re done!


#10: Easy Updo With Fabric Maiden Braids

Unique and adorable, fabric braids are quite simple. Section your hair into two portions and then lay a thin scarf around your neck. Braid each side, using the scarf as the third strand. After both sides are braided, pull the braids up onto the top of your head, knotting the remaining scarf ends and pinning the style all together.



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