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6 Glamorous & Sexy Short Curly Hairstyles


Having short hair is such a freeing thing. You have more time, use less product, you’re cooler in the summer and can toss on a scarf in winter, no problem. The dilemma is what to do with it that’s different and fun. Here are some crazy and cool options for you.

1. Short Curly Hairstyle With A French Braid Fringe

Completely straightforward, but unexpected. The bouncy curls can be natural or not – doesn’t matter. Throw in the braid across the front and your style will set you apart from the masses.


How to style:

Gently towel dry hair without rubbing hair around, especially if it’s naturally curly!
Apply product to enhance curl and also a product to add a little extra volume.
Starting over the arch of one brow, section off a 2-3” deep section of hair along the front hairline. Stop the section when you get to the outside edge of the other brow.
Insert braid keeping pieces close to the forehead as you cross the pieces over. The pieces closest to your forehead will wrap right over while the ones from the back side closest to your crown will have to stretch. Go slowly to get a tidy braid and cleaner pieces.
When you get to the end of the section, continue braiding to the ends without picking up more hair and secure with a clear binder.
Bobby pin the end of the braid underneath your hair, behind your ear. Mist with a medium hold spray.

Recommended hair products:

Use a curl enhancing product like Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Enhancer to really make those curls come to life. (For best results, they recommend you use the entire line of products formulated for curl maintenance.)

Best face shape and hair type:

Oval, heart, subtle round, long or square. Medium to thick density with any natural texture, but natural curls are perfect for this!

Tip: To keep the shape of the braid smooth, put it in while hair is still a little damp instead of after it’s completely dry.

2. Curly Highlighted Short Hairstyle with Heavy Side Swept Bangs and Layers

Subtle highlights help define and add dimension to this wavy short hairstyle. Dramatic bangs add a little mystery. Oo-la-la!


How to style:

Add styling product to damp hair and blow dry using a round brush.
Insert small hot rollers in the back section (or use a small curling iron) and a large curling iron in the front to create the big waves.
After rollers/curls have completely cooled, use your fingers to pull through them and soften them out.
Spray finished style with a medium hold spray.

Recommended hair products:

For supremely lustrous hair, try a product like Joico’s K-PAK Revitaluxe. It features a “bio-advanced Keratin Peptide Complex of revolutionary ingredients” that gets 5 stars from user reviews.

Best face shape and hair type:

Oval, heart, some round, square, subtle long. Fine to thick density with a little natural texture.

Tip: Keep hair looking fresh by maintaining your haircut regime. Getting soft on your salon visits can result in hair looking drab and frayed. A quick trim is all you need to look like a million bucks.

3. Side Parted Short Beachy Curled Layered Hairstyle

Short sassy hair is full of playful beachy curls in back and is smooth in the upper bang area. The perfect style to go from work or school to out-on-the-town.


How to style:

Apply styling product to damp hair and finger style curls, then allow hair to air dry. If your hair doesn’t like this technique, blow dry it and use a curling iron.
Use a pomade or similar styling product to add definition to ends.
Spray finished style with medium hold hairspray.

Recommended hair products:

For high shine and flexible hold, give Kenra’s Clear Paste 20 a whirl. Gives maximum control with pliable texture.

Best face shape and hair type:

Oval, heart, some round, square, subtle long. Fine to thick density with a little natural texture.

Tip: Oval, square, round, subtle heart, long (depending on front layering/face framing). Fine to thick density with any natural texture.

4. Steam Punk Inspired Super Short Hairstyle with Bangs and Girly Headband

Soft not-really-punk super short hairstyle is more feminine with a little pink headband. Bangs are smooth and parted on the side. Color is a rich solid, keeping the focus on texture and form.


How to style:

Apply gel to damp, towel dried hair and sculpt into position.
Smooth bangs with a blow dryer and paddle brush, then use a flat iron to finish the job after hair is dry.

Recommended hair products:

For industrial-strength hold, try AG’s Welding Paste. If it can hold a 22” Mohawk, it can hold your style for sure! Rinses clean with no residue.

Best face shape and hair type:

Oval or heart, very subtle round or square. Fine to thick density with some natural texture.

Tip: Pink headband not your thing? Use a fun scarf or fabric belt, a ribbon or yarn. Any long flexible object that can be pinned if necessary will work as a headband. Or go without and just rock the ‘do by itself.

5. Short Layered Super Curly Retro ‘80s Hairstyle

Think Flashdance. Or Footloose. Or any of the other classic movies/tv shows that came out in the 1980s. Hair was big with curls, dramatic bangs, a little feathering… Why not bring an old style back with a little more class? Quality products give hair a healthier glow and better hot tools help preserve hair from excess damage.


How to style:

Add styling product to towel dried hair and blow dry using a larger round brush for top layers.
Tiny curling iron works to create little curls in back and on sides. Use it only for the ends of the top layers.
Pull fingers through the curls to break them up and add more fullness.
Spray finished style with firm hold hairspray.

Recommended hair products:

Joico JoiWhip for a firm hold. Gives you shine, body and control. Also has UV protectants that “condition (your hair) and protect against daily environmental stress.”

Best face shape and hair type:

Oval, heart, square, round or long. Fine to thick density with any natural texture.

Tip: You can get a style like this with little to no heat at all! Use smaller perm rods (don’t forget the little papers for the ends!) while hair is damp throughout the back and sides, only curling the ends from the front and top. After hair is dry, you’ll have the curls without having to worry about the heat damage.

6. Naturally Curly Short Hairstyle with Side Part and Bangs

Natural curl is well maintained and styled beautifully in this smartly layered short hairstyle. A side part works for changing up the overall shape (can also be parted down the middle for a different vibe – cute!). Color looks natural and the end result is classy and effortless.


How to style:

Apply product to slightly damp hair and allow to air dry or use a blow dryer with diffuser to gently dry curls.
Refine top layer of curls and bangs by wrapping a few curls here and there individually into spirals before drying.

Recommended hair products:

Try Living Proof No-Frizz Restyling Spray. This humidity-blocker product refreshes your style in under 5 minutes!

Best face shape and hair type:

Oval, heart, round, square or long. Fine to thick density with lots of natural texture.

Tip: Keeping ends frizz-free is so important to having a healthy looking hairstyle. Find a stylist who understands your curl and what it will do once it’s cut. A stylist who knows their curls should also have freshly sharpened shears, which helps give a cleaner cut. Dull blades don’t cut as cleanly and the result there is ends that fray a lot faster.

Short hair never needs to be boring hair! There are so many different techniques you can use for curling, straightening and overall styling. Modify styles you like to suit your own hair type and your personality!


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