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The 18 Best Medium Haircuts Right Now


A haircut that is medium in length is very versatile. No matter how the hair is cut, it is both long and short enough for you to style it many different ways!

Here are 18 different medium haircuts that you can mix and match to suit your facial features, style and personality.

1. Stacked A-Line Bob

This stylish bob is stacked and shorter in the back creating volume and a gorgeous profile. The hair naturally falls forward, framing the face really well.


2. The Low Stack

This medium bob has a low graduation or stack, naturally beveling the ends of the haircut in.


3. The High Stack

This high stack or graduation pushes the volume of the hair a little above the occipital bone for a flattering finish.


4. Asymmetric Bob

Asymmetry is always fun! Add a little edge to your bob by making one side longer than the other.


5. The Long Bob

The long bob is still on trend and going strong. It is so versatile and looks great on everyone!


6. A Little Drama

Fine hair looks great when it is kept at one length. To give it a little bit more drama, have a really long side-swept fringe cut!


7. Slightly A-Lined Layers

The long layers in this haircut will give the hair texture and movement without removing too much weight from it. Having the hair slightly shorter in the back will cause the hair to naturally fall towards the face for a sultry face-framing finish.


8. Easy Hair

If you want medium hair length that lays well and cooperates, make sure to have it cut either above or below the shoulders. Avoid getting it cut on shoulders. Your shoulders will get in the way and cause the hair to flip and lay awkwardly!


9. Concave Layers

Concave layers are layers that are uniform in size from top to bottom. Having short concave layers accentuates the roundness of the head and gives the hair a lot of texture. The disconnected long pieces in the front make this haircut look more modern and feminine.


10. Lash Grazing Fringe

Adding a lash grazing fringe to any haircut instantly gives it a high fashion feel, especially now that they are totally on trend!


11. Rounded Fringe

A rounded, heavy, long fringe softens the face and makes any hairstyle look extra stylish. Even with your hair pulled back into a bun or ponytail, you can still look really put together with a fringe and a few tendrils left out.


12. Texturized Ends

Having the ends of the hair textured gives the hair a modern, lighter and more airy feel.


13. Solid Ends

Keeping the ends of your mid length haircut blunt makes the hair look thicker overall.


14. Volume Insurance

This bob’s length is even from the front to the back, but its layers are shorter in the back and longer in the front. Keeping the layers longer in the front prevents it from looking thin and straggly since we naturally don’t have as much hair in the front compared to the back.


15. Long Even Layers

This haircut will lay the same way as the previous cut. It won’t have as much texture and movement, but will definitely keep more volume.


16. Tapered Frame

Having the hair cut shorter in the back causes the hair to fall towards the face. Having the hair around the face layered causes it to look tapered and frames the face really well.


17. V-Back

The way your hair is cut in the back is another fun way to customize a haircut. This model’s hair is cut into a V. This gives the hair a more organic feel since this is how the hair naturally grows.


18. U-Back

Having the hair cut in a U shape is a great in between shape. It gives the hair a little of the organic feel you’d get from a V shape, but allows it to look thick like a straight across line.



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