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13 Medium-Length Layered Haircuts & Hairstyles


A fabulous way to spice up a shoulder length haircut is with some layers. By adding layers, you help add shape, volume and texture to your look.

Thick hair is made light and bouncy with fun wispy pieces cut throughout the frame of the hair.

Adding layers around your face is a great way to soften angular faces shapes and add interest. Scroll through the following looks to find a layered style that suits your medium length hair.

1. Rounded Edge

These shiny strands are layered beautifully! All the ends are rolled under for a full and rounded look. Thick side bangs are cut right at the eyebrow to help frame the face.


2. Fancy Flip

This hairstyle shows off layers with a fun flip! The shortest layer starts right around the cheekbones and feathers down from there. A side part gives it a cool, asymmetrical look.


3. Swept Away

Red carpet elegance is clearly displayed with this soft blowout. Medium to long layers play around her shoulders and face beautifully. A center part with long, flippy bangs creates a fun, sweeping style.


4. Red Raven

This hairstyle showcases beautiful texture and color. Dark, cherry colored hair with shaggy layers throughout is fun and sexy! Add short side bangs for the perfect finishing touch.


5. Burning Brilliance

This hot copper color sure is a head turner! Add tons of textured layers and spicy bangs and you’ve got a hot new look. Keeping all the ends razored and piecey helps the style grow out beautifully as well as adds tons of movement.


6. Reba’s Funky Flip

Reba is known for her red hair and flirty layers. Make them your own by telling your stylist you want tons of voluminous layering and lightweight texture. This versatile style can be flipped under or flicked out. Add some razored bangs and you’re good to go!


7. Blonde Shag

This shoulder length shag has tons of movement created by layers and color. Layers are cut into the hair to add texture, while the blonde highlights break up the color for dimension. Jagged looking pieces are placed throughout as well as up and into the side bangs. Have fun with this style by keeping the flippy movement and don’t over flat iron it.


8. Layered Curls

This beautiful chestnut brown hairstyle boasts medium to long layers that create a beautiful shape even when curly. Hair falls right at the shoulders for a fantastic face framing look. Add some full side bangs for an all-out amazing style!


9. Layered Texture

This fun and flippy hairstyle shows off an array of fun blended and disconnected layers. Short layers at the crown are flipped out along with the medium to longer shaped layers to help create a youthful and textured style.


10. Blonde Ambition

This super sleek hairstyle works perfectly because the layers are kept around the face to add a complementary framing. The layers start right at the chin and feather down softly. A side part keeps the look fresh and modern.


11. Bohemian Chic

These multi-level bangs are awesome at creating all kinds of different styles. The standout for this particular look are the thick, full bangs that totally rock! Pulling the bangs forward and to the side makes hair look fuller and also helps to frame the face.


12. Daring Diva

This super adorable hairstyle is created with long, tapered side bangs and medium layering throughout the cut. Medium layers are often the go-to for creating that hourglass shape with your hair. They’re perfect for adding a little volume and shape without going overboard with the flips and texture.


13. Retro Waves

These soft, messy tendrils boast old-time glamour wave and texture. Beautiful sweeping bangs bounce back and forth into a pile of touchable soft curls.



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