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10 Medium Hairstyles for Square Faces


Square shaped faces can sometimes look or feel overly angular and harsh. Wide foreheads and chins are balanced but tend to create overly exaggerated lines. But not to worry!

You can soften up your chiseled cheeks or jaw line with strategically placed layers, bangs, and texture. These medium length hairstyles for square faces will refresh your look and make you feel totally hip to be a square.

1. Razored Beauty

Blended and beautiful highlights cascade into medium length bangs and shoulder sweeping layers. The brightness of the color on top of the head as well as the razored texture throughout, keep the eye moving around this multi-dimensional style. Keeping the ends piece-y and textured instead of blunt helps add instant diffused lines.


How to Style:

First, apply the appropriate products out of the shower to help add smoothness and volume.
Then blow dry your entire head with a paddle brush to help remove moisture. Use a medium sized round brush on the top layers and bangs to really control direction, shape, and volume.
Lastly, if you still have frizz, use a flat iron on the lengths to really smooth out your hair and make it straight.

Recommended Products:

Shining Weightless Amplifier by Privé is awesome for silky shine and great volume. Apply to wet hair at the crown and through the ends for a great blowout.

Best Hair Type and Face Shape:

This look would compliment most face shapes but really works well on square shapes because of the soft lines, color, and texture. Your eye looks at the fun colors and softness and does not concentrate on what shape your face is. This style is great for thin to thick hair with straight texture.

Tip: Only use the round brush where you need volume the most. The crown and the bangs are the most efficient areas to use a round brush when blow-drying. If you try to round brush your entire head you are wasting time and energy.

2. Classic Curls

Soft curls and waves are a great way to offset strong lines of a square shaped face. These curls are directed back and away from the face but you could curl them towards your face, too. Adding pops of spicy highlights throughout the chocolate color help add some punch and interest.


How to Style:

Start by parting your hair to one side of the head.
Use large hot rollers and set your hair.
Take them down, brush them out a little bit, and go out on the town! Or you can use a large, 1 ½” curling iron to curl your entire head. Focus the curls on the mid-shaft of the hair to ends so you create a smoother look at your roots.

Recommended Products:

Try Moroccan Oil’s Leave-In Treatment right out of the shower or before you curl to zap frizz.

Best Hair Type and Face Shape:

Curls are a fabulous way to minimize strong linear shapes so square face shapes should apply! This look is classic and would look great on all face shapes. All hair types and texture can achieve this look with the proper tools.

Tip: Play with your part out of the shower and try to find out which side lays better. Sometimes cowlicks hinder your options so play around until you find the best position for you.

3. Perfect Prism

Gorgeous prismatic red colors make this copper cut glow. The color blocking effect in the bangs add a zip and a zing to traditional straight across bangs. Layers are cut medium to long to blend in around cheek bones and jaw bones.


How to Style:

Usually I would not recommend using a round brush for an entire blow out but it will be perfect in creating nice round layers that flip under from top to bottom.

Section out hair, starting by your neck and blow dry the section under.
When the section is completely dry, drop another section down and repeat. Really flip ends under and towards the face with your brush.
Flat iron bangs straight down to finish off the look.

Recommended Products:

I would suggest using a mousse for hold and volume. Kerastase’s Volumactive Mousse is awesome for adding texture, volume, and will make your blowout a breeze. Use a light hold hairspray like Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Weightless Hairspray to lock in the style.

Best Hair Type and Face Shape:

The perfectly placed layers cut into the face to add roundness making it lovely for square shaped faces. Round faces may be too exaggerated with this look so take caution. This style is good for clients with medium to thick hair and who have wavy to straight texture.

Tip: Blow dry your bangs first so they don’t dry out before you get to them. Simply blow dry them down and towards the face and then proceed to style the rest of your hair.

4. Copper Curls

This hairstyle shows off tousled red ringlets that really zing. The medium length cut hits the shoulders at a great spot with amazing volume. The ombre hair coloring technique isn’t just for blondes and brunettes. Reds can create a fabulous fade effect as well.


How to Style:

These are probably natural curls so pull out your diffuser!

Towel dry and blot your hair to remove moisture and then layer on the products.
Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle hair and then scrunch from the ends up to encourage the curl. Put the diffuser attachment onto your hairdryer and cradle your curls on medium heat. You don’t need to tip your hair upside down because you want a smoother look on top. Just diffuse the ends of the hair.
Keep moving the diffuser around until your hair is completely dry and spray with hairspray if you desire.

Recommended Products:

Kerastase has a wonderful mousse in their Nutritive line that hydrates and holds so curls won’t frizz. Cocktail a mousse with a serum for more hydration and shine, such as Glass from Redken.

Best Hair Type and Face Shape:

This hairstyle will compliment most face shapes. I would suggest throwing in some sweeping bangs if you have a square or heart shaped face. This is awesome for curly haired girls and fine haired girls may find it difficult to recreate this curly do.

Tip: Use some hairspray on wet hair before diffusing to add some stickiness and hold to your curly style.

5. Sweet Texture

I love the natural highlights and shapes this hairstyle creates. Soft sweeping bangs and tiny curls on the ends make a harmonious statement. This length and style is very versatile, too.


How to Style:

To create this loose wavy style:

Use a medium to large sized barrel curling iron, take smaller sized sections of hair and curl. Really focus on curling the ends to recreate this look; smoother on top, curlier on the ends.
Use your fingers to un curl the bangs and pull them to the side. Curling the hair first before doing so will create a wavy like texture as shown in the photo.

Recommended Products:

Keep hair soft by using a leave in conditioner like Prive’s Thermal Detangling Spray, which helps comb out hair, moisturizes, and protects your hair from heat. Glam up your look by trying Pureology Glossing Mist for amazing shine and try Mop Firm Finish Strong Hold Hair Spray to set it.

Best Hair Type and Face Shape:

The soft bangs and sweet flipping curls make this great for all face shapes. Fine to thick hair can achieve this style and is best for straight to wavy textures.

Tip: Accessorize! I’m a big fan of cute hair barrettes, clip, headbands, or bows. Take the next step by adding some bling or even feathers to show off your style.

6. Chic Shag

Chiseled layers frame the face perfectly and the style is topped off with creatively placed bangs. Gorgeous rich hues of auburn, copper, and gold, create a swirl of beautiful colors while long straight across bangs create a touch of mystery.


How to Style:

As I mentioned in a previous style, I usually would not recommend using a round brush for an entire blow out but it will be perfect in creating nice round layers that really flip under.

Section out a portion of hair, starting by your neck and blow-dry that section under.
When the section is completely dry, drop another section down and repeat. Really flip ends under and towards the face with your brush.
Flat iron bangs straight down to finish off the look.
Pull a layer of hair from the back towards the face to create that side swept effect.

Recommended Products:

Use the Blowout Lotion from the Number 4 hair care line to help add softness and definition to the style. Then run some serum through from the same brand to add sparkle and shine.

Best Hair Type and Face Shape:

The rounded layers cut into the face to add roundness and framing, making it lovely for square shaped faces. This style is good for clients with medium to thick hair and who have wavy to straight texture.

Tip: Blow dry your bangs first so they don’t dry out before you get to them. Simply blow dry them down and towards the face and then proceed to style the rest of your hair.

7. Girl Next Door

This classic hairstyle is timeless with short sideswept bangs and long gorgeous layers. A stunning shade of brown help make this style look simple and chic. Have your stylist pull bangs from way back and to the side of your head to thicken up the bangs as shown.


How to Style:

Section out a portion of hair, starting by your neck and blow-dry that section under.
When the section is completely dry, drop another section down and repeat.
Use the same round brush to blow-dry bangs forward and then smooth them over to the side. You could also use a paddle brush for most of your blow-drying and then go in at the end, when hair is almost dry, and use the round brush just at the bottom ends to create that flipped look.

Recommended Products:

A soft style like this doesn’t need much product. Use a smoothing product like Got2B Smooth Operating Smoothing Luxury Hair Mousse before blowing out your hair.

Best Hair Type and Face Shape:

The soft edges and rounded bangs help offset a square shaped face though all face shapes can wear this haircut. This style works best for girls with straight to wavy hair of any hair thickness.

Tip: Your makeup can really play up your style. Opt for red lips and a pin up style to look glam and retro or tone it down to be more natural. Always consider every element of beauty or fashion to help achieve the look you want.

8. Whimsical Waves

I love subtle highlights on girls with curls because the light bounces off of them beautifully. This dark reddish brown color is really spiced up with some reddish pieces.

Cut just past the shoulders with a deep side part and lightened up with medium to long layers. Add some loose waves and you’ve got a winning combination.


How to Style:

Before curling, always start with completely dry hair and some sort of product to protect from heat.
Part hair to one side and brush through.
Pin up half of your hair and secure.
Start grabbing pieces of the left out section, big and small, and start curling with a 1 ½ “ barrel curling iron. This look is more wavy and not so perfect so grab different sized pieces of hair and don’t be too meticulous with the iron.
Drop down your top section of hair and repeat.
Run your fingers through gently to break up some of the curls. Scrunch a bit with your hands and spray to secure.

Recommended Products:

If you need to touch up throughout the day use Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Reactivating Mist. Spray and scrunch to add texture and redefine your curls. Or try their Classic Hairspray to add texture and lock curls in place.

Best Hair Type and Face Shape:

This is awesome for square shaped faces due to the softening lines of the curls around the face. If you ever want to balance out straight angular lines – throwing in curves is a great solution. Medium to thick hair is great for this fuller style and any hair texture can achieve this look.

Tip: Try a subtle zig-zag part instead of a pin straight one for more interest and volume.

9. Jessica’s Effortless Up-do

This messy style is kept looking sophisticated with smoothed out front pieces. Hair is parted, teased, and tousled back up into pins which offers lots of dramatic elements and interest.

Platinum blonde ends flow out of darker blended roots, which is a personal taste decision. I personally say – work it!


How to Style:

Hair should be a little bit dirty and not too clean so plan ahead for this look on the day after a shampoo. A little grit in the hair will help with the texture and style.
Spray your hair with some hairspray and brush through to add a little bit of grit and texture to your hair and then part down the center.
Using a fine-toothed comb, take small sections of hair at the crown and tease down towards the scalp to create volume and then hairspray into place.
Use your fingers to smooth back hair slightly (you still want an unkempt look) and pull hair into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic.
Back comb or tease your ponytail so it’s a little messy and secure with pins into the elastic for a messy bun.
Use your fingers to pull some of the layers gently up and out of the bun for an undone feel.
Quickly curl the front pieces of hair so the flick out at the bottom and look soft.
Blast with a strong hold hairspray!

Recommended Products:

Because this look has lots of texture you can use lots of hairspray without worrying about it looking too stiff. Try Sexy Hair’s Spray and Play Volumizing Hairspray for texture and hold.

Best Hair Type and Face Shape:

Square shaped faces work with this style because of the added height and soft pieces around the face. When you create a hairstyle that is soft and has texture it tricks your eye to focus on those elements. All clients should try this style.

Tip: Have all your tools out and organized, ready to go before starting an up-do. You’ll need a clean and neat workspace so you can grab what you need easily.

10. Perfectly Paris

This asymmetrical style is super cute for a shorter medium length cut. A side part creates sweeping bangs and layers that round out the square shape of the face.

Having the length be longer on one side distracts the eye from looking at the linear jaw line. Light blonde pieces placed throughout a dark blonde base are a fabulous example of how to create blonde dimension.


How to Style:

Instead of depending on the flat iron, up your blow-dry skills to round out this bob.

Start by using a medium sized round brush and really roll the ends under while blow-drying, especially around and toward the face.
Next, use a flat iron if you need to after hair is dry but bevel the flat iron under so you don’t get any extremely straight edges.
Spray on some shine spray and finger through.

Recommended Products:

Use Kerastase’s Oleo-Relax while wet or dry before applying heat to smooth and protect hair strands. Minimal product is needed for this look so it still feels soft. Use Moroccan Oil Gold Glimmer Shine to spray over hair when done for instant glimmer and shine.

Best Hair Type and Face Shape:

The rounded layers help change this square shape into round. It camouflages angular lines and creates softness. Thick to thin hair and straight to wavy texture can achieve this look.

Tip: Bows are totally on trend right now! Take a cue from Miss Paris and tie a silky ribbon in your hair for instant glam.

As you can see, square shaped faces have lots to choose from when it comes to cute mid-length hairstyles. Curly, wavy, or even straight hair looks fabulous when styled correctly.

The right hair design elements can help soften angular lines and bring harmony to your look. Remember these inspirations and tips when choosing the perfect look for you!


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