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The Top 10 Long Hairstyles for Oval Faces


Here are a few beautiful and long hairstyles for oval faces.
 All of these styles detract from the oval shape of the face, while emphasizing 
the eyes, cheeks and lips.

10. Long Shag with Sexy Side Bangs

Long, layered, silky hair that reaches the middle of the back. This cut has beautiful face framing layers with a sexy side fringe.


9. Sixties Modern Shag

A sleek beautiful hair cut with very geometric bangs and face framing layers. The layers and geometric bangs accentuate the eyes and lips while shortening the length of the oval face.


8. Big Hollywood Hair

This style consists of very long hair that has been severely layered. It has also been tapered around the face leaving layers accentuating the cheeks and chin. There is a beautiful long side swept peek-a-boo fringe that shortens the appearance of a very oval or long face.


7. Sultry Siren

This style is very long and romantic with its soft layers and curls. It has been styled so it bends and waves away from the face. This styling technique accentuates the cheekbones and lips while detracting from a long or oval face.


6. Simple Sleek Shag

A long layered shag with a long sexy side swept fringe.


5. Soft Romantic Layering

This style is long, and slightly layered throughout giving it nice movement. The tucked away side bang makes it look slightly 60’s inspired and very cute.


4. Mermaid Shag

This is a very shagged out, flirty long haircut with fun short, texturized side bangs.


3. Layers and Curls

Description: This is a basic layered haircut that works with the natural waves and curls of the hair. It has a long side swept bang that has been styled straight and swept away from her face.


2. Beach Beauty

This is a style that really accentuates the curl and wave of the hair with all of the layers within the haircut and around the face. The volume of this style accentuates the cheekbones while the bangs soften an oval shaped face.


1. The Girl Next Door

This is a very simple, clean, long layered haircut. It has been cut to have a very long, angular bang that really softens a very long or oval face.



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