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7 Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair


Long hair is absolutely gorgeous when it’s sleek and healthy. Take your long, straight hair to the next level by adding sweet layers, side bangs, subtle texture, or pull it back into a stunning updo. Adding even just a slight change to your straight locks has the ability to take it from everyday to intriguing!

#1 Fan Favorite

A center part can be harsh on most faces, especially with long straight hair, but this windblown texture keeps it whimsical and fun. The pop of color also helps keep the look from looking too heavy and stark.


#2 Shape Up

Hair doesn’t always need to be cut straight across in the back. This long and straight hairstyle is cut into a soft “V” shape for a cool finish.


#3 Midnight Maven

Can anything be more striking than sleek, shiny black hair? This amazing hairstyle is bold in both color and design elements.


#4 Framed Fame

This is a great example of changing up your cut to add in some drama. Long, straight hair is broken up by lots of face-framing layers. You don’t need to cut length off the ends to add interest and style!


#5 Fringe Frenzy

The best way to liven up long straight hair is with some killer bangs. These eye-grazing bangs are shattered with lots of texture and look absolutely amazing!


#6 Straight Twist

Adding a subtle curly texture to this straight hairstyle is a great idea to freshen it up. Long straight hair can get boring, so a touch of texture helps.


#7 Angled Out

Hair strands are left slightly longer in the front to create a cool, asymmetrical feel.



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