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10 Great Ideas For Long Wavy Hairstyles


Wavy hair is all the rage right now, so grab your curling iron or deep waver to create some fun styles that look great for any season! Long waves can easily created by simply brushing through larger curls.

These soft tendrils of hair are very complimentary to every face shape so there is sure to be a style you can pull off and make your own. Peep these extra pretty, long wavy hairstyles for a little inspiration!

1. Vivacious Volume

Huge curls that softly swoop and swirl into blissful waves. Add some caramel highlights to the dark chocolate base color to create awesome contrasting colors.


2. Cascading Curls

Combing a center part and curling hair away from the face creates a soft cascading feel that is really on trend right now. Platinum blonde color seems to glow with the light hitting it at different levels. Teasing the crown slightly helps add volume and shape to the style.


3. Summer Locks

I love the gorgeous color of this wavy hairstyle. Sun-kissed golden brown locks fall down into a spiraling perfection. A center part keeps the look fresh and modern.


4. Lava Locks

These red hot locks look like flames! Blazing waves of beautiful dimension and texture make this hairstyle a true head turner. Thick bold bangs add even more intensity and drama for an awesome all around cut and color.


5. Ringlet Waves

A defined center part branches down into long and tight ringlet waves. The look is almost curls but because they have been loosened up the final effect is a tighter wave pattern.


6. Goldilocks

This fantastic wave will make you look and feel like Taylor Swift instantly! Gorgeous tendrils that weave in and out create a beautiful statement and it’s a look that is totally on trend right now.


7. Soft Waves

The beautiful focus on the wavy ends of this hairstyle is great!


8. Exotic Waves

Dark black hair is always mysterious and exotic. Add a touch of spice with some warm highlights to add even more intensity to your look. Sexy side bangs blend in beautifully to thick softening waves.


9. Auburn Ambition

Deep auburn color is highlighted with pops of bright copper that make a stunning statement. Add sweeping long layers with soft waves and you’ve got a star.


10. Beach Breeze

Combed out spirals look effortless and breezy in this long wavy hairstyle. This particular color is showing off a beautiful blonde ombre – a fading color technique that goes from dark to light throughout the lengths of the hair.



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